PKF Attest innCome specializes in advising technology-based companies on public incentives linked to R&D and innovation activities. PKF Attest innCome offers those startups participating in the call Positive Energy + the development of a financing plan in the area of public incentives for innovation. All participating companies that may be interested in this service will be subjected to the analysis of their own startup and their business project, and PKF Attest innCome will provide them with the most adequate instruments for obtaining subsidies and public funding at regional, national and/or European level. The possibility of using existing tax incentives at a national or regional (foral) level to be able to deduct the R&D or technological innovation expenses of each company will also be studied. Once the analysis has been carried out, an action schedule will be established in which specific actions will be recommended. By doing this, it will be possible to improve the value of the company and promote the achievement of the technological objectives pursued in less time and with greater availability of resources.

Dentons offers startups participating in Positive Energy + during the months of May, June and July 2020 a maximum of 15 hours of advice per month, of which five hours will be dedicated to societary issues and the remaining ten hours to energy regulatory issues, as described below:

1. Advice in regulatory point of view, depending on: a. If the advised project is within a regulated activity, in which case the regulatory feasibility of the project will be analyzed considering (i) the applicable regulation; or, if the regulation is pending approval, (ii) conformity of the project to the draft rules, opinions of advisory bodies, allegations from members of the industry. b. If the project is not subject to regulation, contractual drafting will be offered with special attention to clauses related to (i) representations, warranties and guarantees; (ii) termination and indemnities.

3. Commercial advice relating to shareholders’ agreements: a. Valuation and anti-dilution mechanisms. b. Corporate governance and reserved matters (statutory modifications, indebtedness, acquisitions and sales of relevant assets). c. Accompanying and carry-over agreements.

Pons IP provides the experience and legal-technical knowledge of its team of professionals to explore with the companies participating in Positive Energy + their strategy related to their research and innovation activities and, mainly, the most suitable mechanisms for the protection of the industrial and intellectual property involved in the projects submitted to the call, always depending on the degree of technological maturity of each of these projects and the ideal moment to undertake each type of protection identified as necessary or recommended. To this effect, Pons IP offers all those companies participating in the call for proposals one hour of telematic advice on the aforementioned matters.


Byld offers to the startups participating in Positive Energy + that are interested in these services two working sessions of approximately 4 hours each session to address issues to be selected by the companies themselves according to their needs and that are related to growth (marketing and business development, among others), product (development, design, etc.) or business (strategy, operations, finance and everything that is not considered growth or product).

Everis offers participating companies in Positive Energy + the following consulting packages through the different areas of this company listed below:

1. i-deals offers selected startups specific mentoring for a maximum of 10 hours in relation to the go-to-market strategy and scaling of the solution by innovating the business model. In addition, a strategic fit will be sought between the selected startups and the corporations involved in the program, looking for an agile and fast implementation of their technology.
2. Fitalent, Everis Group’s Corporate Venture, is committed to analyzing all projects mentored by i-deals.
3. Everis Engineering will study the support for the technical implementation of pilots of the technologies and solutions proposed by the selected startups.

The companies participating in Positive Energy + and those that are finally selected to develop their projects can access the services described in this section by expressing their interest through an e-mail sent by the representative of the company in question. It is important to indicate in this e-mail the specific services to which there is interest in accessing.

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